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Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders are an important part of your material handling equipment system. There’s no need for your employees to climb on shelving and racks to pick products; that’s unsafe and inefficient. Industrial rolling ladders are the safest and easiest solution to picking and loading hand-carried products. We sell the best brands of rolling ladders, including Ballymore, Garlin, Gillis, PW Platform, and ValuMaster. We at A Plus Warehouse know that having a variety of options is your best chance at finding the rolling step ladder you need. Take a look at our extensive selection of rolling ladders for libraries, schools, warehouses, and other applications.

Rolling Ladders: Safe, Mobile, and Affordable

Rolling ladders are essential in many industrial work environments. If you are using a ladder in a wet environment, you probably want aluminum rolling ladders or stainless steel. Both are resistant to rust and corrosion.  

We also have several types of warehouse ladder. Many industrial warehouses prefer the heavy duty version for its 600-pound capacity and security pegs that keep the ladder to the ground. The smaller versions of this ladder are great for lightweight applications, providing added height when you need just a little extra reach.  

Aluminum office ladders are another great lightweight choice for reaching boxes of documents and other office applications. These make a great bank, school, hospital, or library ladder choice. Available in 1-step models all the way up to 6-steps.  

We also have a tilt and roll ladder that offers you the ultimate in lightweight mobility. Simply tilt the ladder just like a hand truck and roll it where you need to go, then choose between a safe 50-degree angle or traditional 60-degree angle. When you’re finished, tilt it again and roll it away.  

How to Choose the Best Rolling Ladder for Your Needs

Whether you’re picking product from the highest shelves of your warehouse or managing your inventory, we have ladders of all varieties to ensure you’re getting exactly what’s needed. You need to determine what ladder will work best for you.  

Depending on where you’ll be using your rolling platform ladders most, you’ll need narrow or wide steps on your ladders. We have narrow aisle ladders for closely set shelves. For most rolling ladders for warehouse applications, wider steps are generally better. We also offer platform ladders with wide platform steps, which is handy since the top step is often used as a work platform.  

The next thing to consider is tread type. Serrated steps offer the highest level of traction, followed by perforated, then solid stairs with anti-slip strips. Although serrated steps may be a bit more expensive per step, you can get no better safety from a ladder with serrated steps.  

Your final consideration for your rolling ladder selection is the height. When lifting ergonomically, you shouldn’t have to lift below your knee or above your shoulders. So, add half the height of your average warehouse worker to the top step height, and you will have an approximate working height of the rolling ladder.  

Order from A Plus Warehouse with Confidence

Make sure your purchase is from A Plus Warehouse! We take great care in shipping our industrial ladders and platforms, and our highly qualified sales staff is ready to help. If you still need help choosing the right rolling ladder or have questions on shipping speed, we will help you identify your needs.  

Contact us online or call 800-209-8798 for a personalized quote for your needs.

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