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Rooftop Access Ladders

A rooftop access ladder offers you safe vertical climbing from ground level to the roof or mezzanine floor. Roof access ladder products from A Plus Warehouse are fixed to the wall, offering increased safety and convenience. These allow employees or other qualified individuals to access the roof of your warehouse or industrial building. Perfect for HVAC repair or other applications! A Plus Warehouse carries roof access ladders in a wide range of sizes. Find the perfect fit for your facility and order today.

A Plus Warehouse Offers the Full Range of Rooftop Access Ladders

Two types of roof access ladders are available for your industrial needs. Both of these roof access ladders are available with a ladder guard option. This restricts access to the roof or mezzanine, ensuring unauthorized personnel are not allowed where they aren’t supposed to be. Another additional feature is round rungs instead of flat. These are ideal for vertical climbing because your foot can pivot, offering greater support. Additionally, the rungs are serrated to provide a better grip and more comfortable climb. Many models also come with a cage for additional protection such as our modular access ladders with cage.

Fixed Access Ladders are made of all-welded construction with 3/4” schedule 40 side rails and solid round serrated rungs for durability and safety. Available with or without cage for added safety. The fixed roof access ladder stands up to a maximum of 19’ tall with 20 rungs (without cage), or 29’ with 30 rungs (with cage).

Fixed Walk Through Access Ladders provide even more safety than regular roof access ladders. For a small premium, the walk through extension adds sturdy handrails for easy movement to and from the roof. This version is best used when attached right to the roof. Available in sizes up to 19’ with 20 rungs without cage, or 29’ with 30 rungs with cage. In addition to the ladder guard option, the walk through version can be ordered with a snap chain, left or right side entries, and floor mount brackets for added stability.

Order Fixed Rooftop Access Ladders Today

Roof access ladders are a safe, convenient way to add access to the upper levels of your warehouse or industrial facility. Fixed ladders provide complete safety, ensuring stability when moving on the ladder. From all-welded construction to round, serrated rungs, these ladders are the ideal support for moving between the highest levels of your building.

Please contact us if you have any questions ordering the right size roof access ladder!

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