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Lockers are an A Plus Warehouse specialty. A Plus Warehouse is your trusted source for storage equipment and related items. Our lockers are used for securing personal affects in schools, businesses, offices and most any application imaginable. We stock our products nationally and offer electronic access as well as sloping and plastic lockers as well. When placing your order or getting a quotation from us - consider assembled as a positive choice. We are the experts and assemble at very reasonable rates. You can count on A Plus Warehouse for your needs!

Hallowell, Penco, Republic, and Lyon are premier Locker manufacturers that we are honored to sell. We can be confident that your order for storage equipment will ship on schedule and without a hitch due to the great quality control at our manufacturer's plants and our unparalleled customer service focus. With so many competitors taking the position that we are not pleased until you are not pleased it refreshing to deal with A Plus Warehouse? Our sole concern is that your order works out well and you decide to come back to us for other items such as our work benches, storage cabinets, conveyors, dock equipment and steel shelving.

There are many distributors out there that are able to handle your order but how many are dedicated to the inside sales process? Our 800 line is staffed by a trained group of actual sales people. We do not outsource customer service. Our sales people live and work in USA and have extensive training. If you need just one single unit, call us at 800-209-8798 and you will get the respect and attention our valued customers deserve. Our customers include Fortune 500 , Federal and State Government agencies , small and large business alike. The one consistent experience they all get is quality service and great products by only the best manufacturers.

Lockers aren’t just for school and gyms. Of course gym style storage units are a staple of our offering â€" but we are not limited in scope. Storage types are popular as well. A storage locker tends to be much larger than a typical one. Our storage lockers come in a footprint up to 4 feet x 4 feet.

You have come to trust A Plus Warehouse for so many industrial material needs. Our customers utilize our great service. We can be counted on for material handling applications as well. We are a dealer for Thern winches a great line of winches with capacity to 26,000 pounds. We also sell a whole range of cantilever racks and pallet racks as well. When ordering cantilever racks, we are here to help you with the basic design of your racking job. Similarly with conveyors, we can help design a basic conveyor system for you. We are honored to have the much coveted Roach Conveyors line to offer. Roach utilizes the stockyard approach to conveyor distribution. They stock a fantastic amount of conveyor rollers and conveyor frames. When A Plus Warehouse sends an order, they pick the rollers and frames and then do the light assembly work. The net result is a conveyor that ships in 24 hours! These conveyors almost sell themselves but our dedicated sales force does not hurt either!