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Lockers are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. No order is too small, and no order is too large! We know how useful the right storage equipment can be, which is why we provide a huge variety of lockers for any application you can imagine. Choose office lockers, school lockers—even high-security electronic access lockers! Whatever use you have for our lockers, we carry lockers for sale that meet your needs.

Make the most of your space! Lockers are designed in such a way as to provide you with convenient access to your belongings and valuables. Depending on what kind you choose, you can maximize the space of your storage room or locker room by fitting lockers to the room’s dimensions.

Find the Lockers You Can Rely On

All lockers provide you with a place to store your things. But not all lockers are as simple as that! Some work better in certain environments than others. We at A Plus Warehouse have every style of locker available on the market. Here are just a few of the popular models we offer:

Tiered lockers lets you make the most of your storage space. We offer multi-tiered lockers in affordable and premier versions.

Box lockers offer you a great value for an ample amount of space. An economical choice for all, you can get these lockers 5 or 6 boxes high in either single or triple columns.

Heavy-duty lockers have what it takes to keep your belongings safe, even in high-traffic industrial environments. Perfect for bulky items, these lockers are made from 12 gauge metal.

Vented lockers are a number-one choice for school locker rooms or gyms. Sweaty clothing can become ruined in traditionally closed-face lockers, but a vented locker helps keep things fresh—and it’s no less secure than the other lockers for sale we offer!

For over 16 years we have been selling lockers of all kinds by all the top trusted brands, including Hallowell, Tennsco, Penco, Pucel, Sandusky, Edsal, and Republic. Chosen by offices, schools, and warehouses nationwide, we at A Plus Warehouse stand by these brands and their commitment to quality. We choose to carry their lockers because we know they can be depended on.

A Plus Warehouse Offers the Latest in Lockers

Over the years, we have expanded our locker offerings to include some of the most innovative and useful lockers for sale anywhere. Believe it or not, locker companies are constantly looking for ways to improve on this timeless hardware. Consider the Tennsco combination locker, which is part locker and part storage cabinet! Also, we have the ever popular Rhino Locker that features a massive 24x24 footprint. And to make the Rhino even better, we offer it in an extra-deep 36-inch version with perforated sides or fronts as an option. We are so pleased to offer this product that we produced a Rhino Locker video. Check it out on YouTube! Another choice locker includes Tennsco lockers without legs. These work great when placed in areas where height in an issue.

We also carry Hallowell corrosion-resistant lockers. These durable lockers can stand the test of time and are available in stainless steel too!

Many of Our Lockers are In Stock and Available for You

When customers want the best products from the best dealer at market-setting prices, A Plus Warehouse is your source for lockers and all your storage equipment needs. You can count on us to provide you with quick shipping for all your lockers. Many of our lockers ship from our 5 national distribution points, meaning you won’t have to wait long to get the storage equipment you need.

Contact us for assistance in choosing what locker system will work best for you!

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