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Child Lockers

Welcome to the Child Lockers Section! Everybody needs lockers- even your little ones! Most any school or day care facility needs one. You will not regret ordering right here right now. A Plus Warehouse has been selling lockers for years. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect product. We offer many different styles for kids of all ages.

Great products for Toddlers

Some of are more popular products made specifically for toddlers are the Toddler Coat Locker with Edgebanding, Wood Toddler Locker with Seat, and the Wood Toddler Locker with Seat and Removable Trays.

The toddler coat locker with colored edgebanding includes 2 double hooks and all edges are rounded for safety.  They feature strong dowel pin construction and features a large variety of different color options for edge banding. Kids love the bright colors!

The Wood Toddler Locker with seat includes 5 separate section and 2 double jooks in each of these sections. It also has 9 different colors of edge banding. The step is great for toddlers looking to sit and changes shoes! For a more deluxe version, we also have this product with removable trays. Trays are teal colored and makes it easy for toddlers to store items!

Jonti Craft

                Many of our child lockers are manufactured by Jonti Craft, one of our very trusted manufacturers. Jonti Craft specializes in childhood furniture. Jonti Craft manufactures much more than just kid lockers. They also manufacture desks, mats, and even toys! Kids love Jonti Craft products and so do we. Their products are all very safe for the children. A Plus Warehouse loves having Jonti Craft as a manufacturer and we hope that our customers will love their products too!

Why A Plus Warehouse?

                You may be thinking that many people sell child lockers. This is true. With this being the case, why should anybody order from A Plus Warehouse? Customers love ordering from A Plus Warehouse because of our service.  Sales people always answer that call one minute before closing. The day is not over until the last customer is satisfied. Sales people at A Plus Warehouse are extremely diligent. We are a small enough company to know that every order matters yet big enough to satisfy your needs! Our sales people are highly educated on our products. They will always lead you in the right direction. A Plus Warehouse also happens to be a very easy to use website which is also mobile accessible. You can order with a simple click of a button! Order your Kid Lockers now at A Plus Warehouse!

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