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Digitech Lockers

Digitech Lockers: the high tech storage solution for the modern world. Digitech lockers are our standard Valumaster lockers with digital locks. They offer you an economical option with uncompromising security for your storage needs. Order yours assembled for your convenience or save a buck and order unassembled! We at A Plus Warehouse are ready to ship your Digitech order today!

Why Choose Lockers with Digital Locks?

Digitech by Hallowell Lockers have a distinct advantage over regular padlock lockers. This advantage has everything to do with each Digitech locker's electronic access lock. Instead of requiring your employees to bring in their own personal padlocks, you can offer the the convenience of setting up personal security codes for each worker. Lockers with digital locks is a modern day necessity. The electronic access lock is a programmable, battery-powered lock for daily and permanent use. This makes these lockers ideal for split shifts or a large work roster with only a set amount of lockers.  

There's no need to worry about your lock running out of batteries with your lockers with digital locks. A visible LED light blinks when the batteries in the lock is low. Even if you don't change the batteries in time, you can still override the lock with a manual master key. This way you can avoid the inconvenience of getting locked out of your locker!  

Get Better Security, the Digitech Way

Single-tier Digitech lockers come in single column or three column configurations. This single-tier version has a hat shelf as well as coat rods available on request. Choose from several locker depths and get the storage you need.  

Double-tier Digitech lockers are available in one or three columns, giving you up to six total locker openings.

Triple-tier and six-tier versions can provide enough security for your entire workforce to meet your small storage needs.  

Large electronic box lockers come in three or four tiers in single or three columns. These Digitech lockers are 18-inches to 21-inches deep. They are perfect for laptops or backpacks. They also feature side ventilation and punch-out electrical outlet openings. These box lockers are suited to your on-the-go electronic needs.  

Choose Digitech and A Plus Warehouse for a Quick Ship

Digitech lockers by Hallowell, sold by A Plus Warehouse can solve your storage needs! High tech, affordable storage shipped quickly to your facility. For help in selecting the right dimensions and amount of lockers, please contact us. We're always ready to lend our expertise to help you find the warehouse equipment you need! Learn more about our lockers with digital locks today!

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