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Gym Lockers

Gym Lockers are a top product here at A Plus Warehouse. National fitness franchises and gyms across the country take advantage of the many styles and variations of gym lockers for sale we offer. We sell extra durable lockers and ship them nationwide at value pricing every day. No gym is complete without secure storage, and no items do it better than gym lockers! Most single tier units include coat rods - and all have recessed handlesWe offer ours assembled and unassembled. Find yours today.

Browse Our Gym Locker Styles

Finding the right style of gym locker is easy when you go with A Plus Warehouse. We have many gym locker styles for every kind of fitness center, gym, athletic club, or other health facility.

Vented gym lockers are sturdy metal lockers with added ventilation for increased air flow. These are available in single and double tier models, as well as boxed. You can customize the size of the openings to your preference and choose from a range of color styles.

Our economy gym lockers offer you the kind of high security storage you come to expect from our other gym storage lockers for sale but with one distinct advantage—the price! Our economy style lockers are made with cost-efficient materials and are available in single-tier, double-tier, and box locker styles. We also sell a range of lockers designed with specific applications in mind:

  • Mini lockers – Convenient, half-height lockers for health clubs/facilities with size restrictions
  • ADA lockers – Lockers designed to meet ADA federal regulations, complete with automatic snap-shut doors
  • Extra-wide combination lockers – Offers full shelf, half shelves, and locker-size space combinations for a wide variety of equipment

Gym Lockers for Every Athletic Application

National brands like Hallowell, Penco, Edsal, and Republic athletic lockers offer security and storage for your gym-going patrons. These brands are renowned for quality construction and design and provide plenty of space for storing gym attire, water bottles, laundry bags, snacks for refueling, and any other equipment in your exercise area. Additionally, these lockers provide much-needed security for gym goers who bring their iPods or mp3 players to make the workout go faster.

A Plus Warehouse Makes Ordering Easy

At A Plus Warehouse, we make it our business to earn yours. We’re committed to providing you with a safe, simple ordering experience. Even if you know next to nothing about lockers, we still make it easy for you to place your order in less than 5 minutes. Once your order is on its way, your gym lockers are secure. We use plenty of interior and exterior packaging to minimize the possibility of damaged product. Compare our gym locker offerings to our competition and you will see that they want you to have a PHD in lockerese before handling your business. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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