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Hallowell Lockers

A Plus Warehouse is a National distributor for Hallowell lockers. The Hallowell locker is a well respected family of product and we are pleased to be a premier dealer for Hallowell metal lockers. Hallowell storage lockers are in stock in our regional distribution centers. All of these products are available fully assembled at a reasonable charge to save your effort. Another reason to order Hallowell lockers is our EXCELLENT packaging. Lockers are very durable when they are installed, but can get damaged in transit. We go the extra mile and package Hallowell metal lockers expertly. They are shipped skidded and wrapped in thick stretch wrap. It is possible for a Hallowell locker to be damaged in transit, but the likelihood is greatly diminished by our expert packaging.

We are also innovative offering the slopemaster lockers. A slopemaster hallowell locker is a locker that has slope tops and base plates included. Most other companies make customers order a bunch of parts to make a slope top locker. With A Plus Warehouse, just select our hallowell lockers slopemaster, and get the entire locker in one model number. Why become an expert locker salesperson just to order one?

Another reason to order hallowell lockers is the availability of designer colors in stock. Most brands have gray or tan ready to ship now - and that represents 80 percent of the market. But what about the minority? The other 20% deserve some respect also! A Plus Warehouse and Hallowell lockers are all about diversity in colors. We offer Maroon, Green Mist and Marine Blue. Designer colors are available for most of the hallowell locker line.

Why order from A Plus Warehouse? There are many reasons to order from us. We are a well established national distributor of warehouse equipment. We sell our equipment nationwide to business small and large as well as government entities. We are large enough to get you the equipment you need, and small enough to respect EVERY customer and order we are honored to get. Since 1996 we have been offering A Plus service to A Plus customers and will continue doing so. We have a very broad line of equipment including Shelving, Conveyors, Work Benches, Cantilever Racks, Industrial Mats and Dock Equipment.

Order now from A Plus Warehouse - your right choice right now.