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Rhino Lockers Video

At A Plus Warehouse, we are constantly adding new items to our selection. We want to give our customers nearly unlimited choices. Not only do we have many products available, but we want our customers to remember we have these products. One way that we differentiate our products is through their names. At A Plus Warehouse we like to have fun and give our products rather unconventional names.  The woman in the video above speaks about our “ Rhino” Lockers.  This item is very popular and very remembered at A Plus Warehouse. The text below is a transcript of this video. Enjoy the video!

A Plus Warehouse Rhino Lockers are so popular because of the heavy duty 14 Gauge construction employed. They're great for storing tools and heavy items. Traditional 12 inch gym lockers sometimes just aren’t big enough. Our giant 24 X 24 inch foot print makes our Rhino Lockers very popular with the US military, police, and fire departments. For convenience we offer single, double, and triple tier versions. For companies that use Rhino Lockers for drop boxes, we offer an anti-rust option. The anti-rust option includes stainless steel glides, and rust resistance primer. Perforated doors and sides are available for users that require additional ventilation. Our single tier locker is only 435 dollars. Call us today at 800-209-8798 to place your order or visit us online at and see our full selection of lockers.

A Plus Warehouse has been selling Rhino Lockers for many years now. Our customers love them and we promise that you will not be disappointed.  Rhino Lockers are so popular for a good reason. They are made with very heavy duty construction and are great for storing heavier items. All of the products we sell are very high quality including our Rhino Lockers. Order one today.



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