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Laptop Lockers

A Plus Warehouse has used its locker knowledge to produce our much demanded Laptop Lockers! Corporations, Government agencies, Colleges and schools all use Laptop computers. What can be done to safely store AND charge laptops?The A Plus Warehouse Laptop locker is quality made in USA Laptop Storage locker that can stack two units high!

The Laptop security locker has seven doors with each door having TWO electrical outlets! The Laptop Lockers can be opened individually, and also there is a management key that will open the entire frame. The A Plus Warehouse Laptop locker safely secures Seven laptops computers with plenty of left over space for cell phones and other valuables. Consider the safety and security using an Plus Warehouse Laptop security locker! For less than the price of a decent laptop computer , you will be able to secure SEVEN laptops!

Our Laptop Locker measures 18 ½ inches wide x 18 inches deep and 34 inches high. The door opening is a generous 14 ¼ inches wide. Construction is 16 and 22 GA steel with powder coated finish. For convenience , we offer mobile cart bases and 6 inch bases for our Laptop Lockers. Of course every Laptop locker from A Plus Warehouse has ventilation. Who orders Laptop security lockers from A Plus Warehouse?

Colleges and Universities NEED our Laptop locker line! Consider professors who come and go throughout the day. These professionals do not enjoy being tethered to their equipment , and also don’t want their valuable equipment and data to go unsecured. One A Plus Warehouse Laptop Storage Locker secures the equipment and more importantly DATA for seven professors or other personnel. Also consider what laptop lockers mean to the students! Students pay thousands of dollars to attend college. Why not provide a laptop locker for the convenience of your ultimate customer your students!

Our Laptop lockers are made in USA and are available in a veritable RAINBOW of colors. Whatever the design, we have the color that will match. Electric blue tends to be our most popular color, but basic black, beige, and metallic silver are always popular as well. Why order a Laptop locker from A Plus Warehouse ?

A Plus Warehouse has been providing high quality lockers and other storage equipment for over a decade to great customers nationwide. We sell to Fortune 500 corporations , Federal Government , Local Government agencies , Universities, Colleges, small companies , and most all potential users. We also sell internationally with customers in most of the world’s continents â€" although we are still working on Antarctica (we are talking to you â€" weather station #1 )

Order our laptop lockers now you will be pleased. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!

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