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Locker Benches

Locker room benches are always in stock at A Plus Warehouse at every day value pricing. Of course we are a major online dealer for lockers , but customers may not know we do a super job on locker benches as well. When ordering your quality Penco , Hallowell, Republic and Lyons lockers from A Plus Warehouse, remember that the folks using these items may need to sit down at the lockers. Why not order a locker bench and save the second freight bill.


Now that you decided you are interested in locker room benches, you may need some help in choosing the best product to meet your needs. Our locker room storage bench is particularly popular.We can sell you a locker bench that is permanently mounted into the floor. We also sell a handy free standing version from Penco and Hallowell. Are you in a wet environment? Aluminum locker room benches are in stock also. We stock locker room benches nationwide for prompt delivery and low, low freight charges. When you want locker benches, you want them now. Additionally, wouldn't it be nice if the company selling you plastic locker room benches could also provide you with other equipment so you could economize on ordering? Well, A Plus Warehouse is so much more than your source for a quality locker room bench. We provide shelving, racks, conveyors, work benches, anti fatigue mats and dock equipment as well. Many of our locker customers install our lockers in athletic changing rooms. These clients also need mats of various types. Some mats we provide include shower mats, tile mats, work space mats, and carpet runner mats. Of course we also have a great line of entrance mats as well. Entrance mats are so important because they keep dirt out of your facility. Which is preferable - an inexpensive mat used to trap dirt, or dragging dirt through a facility then paying a custodian to clean it up. Obviously mats make financial sense. You will be using our locker benches in a clean space, which should be kept clean to foster a more positive experience by all the users. Don't be confused or limited by a name. Locker room benches are not the sole domain of locker rooms! When you go to play squash, it is always necessary to change sneakers. This is because squash shoes would get ruined outdoors, and most clubs do not allow outdoor sneakers on their squash courts. We sell these folks our locker room benches for a place to sit while they change shoes. This works for rock climbing walls, ballet studios, martial arts studios, even individual houses. Many home owners make their guests remove their shoes when entering. Why have them sit on the floor to do so? If you need a locker bench, you need A Plus Warehouse.


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