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Metal Lockers

Metal lockers are by far the most prolific type of lockers available. They offer a greater value than plastic and are preferred by practically all industries and applications (except in the case of very moist environments). A Plus Warehouse offers you high quality metal security lockers for sale from only the best suppliers such as Hallowell, Penco, Edsal, and Tennsco. All the best equipment and products are here at A Plus Warehouse. Order now!

Quality Construction Inside Every Locker

The metal storage lockers for sale from A Plus Warehouse are perfect for use as employee lockers or just general industrial storage. From sports locker rooms to warehouse security, steel lockers can be used for just about any storage application you can imagine. Although lockers are by nature a simple type of product due to their consistent construction and manufacture, they actually fulfill many different uses and come in many configurations and styles. Browse our many locker types to find the one that will suit your needs best:

Our inexpensive lockers are a great value because they offer you just as much storage as more expensive lockers but at a valued price. A Plus Warehouse is the perfect place to find metal lockers you can afford. These economy lockers have 16 GA metal doors and are available in single or triple columns wide and in single, double, or triple tiers.

Our slope and wall mounted lockers are great when space is at a premium. These lockers save you space while providing your facility with the necessary storage. These can be shipped immediately in two basic colors (view our color sheet).

Welded  lockers offer you strength and durability with your storage. These come shipped to you completely assembled and painted in the sleek color of your choice (black is standard). Available in single or double tier, or in boxes, personal, or stackable configurations. These include a hat shelf and coat rod, which are features that are great for factory or individual office use.

Order from A Plus Warehouse and Get the A Plus Experience

Ordering from A Plus Warehouse gets you only the BEST new lockers on the market. All our lines of metal industrial lockers or metal school lockers are top quality. We provide value in all of our products.

The A Plus Warehouse website and integrated shopping cart makes it easy to understand what you are ordering. You can easily view your lockers' specific configurations and dimensions, as well as price, at a glance. We make ordering our  lockers the easiest thing you will do today because we are your right choice right now!

If the ease of our website still eludes you, don’t worry—you can still talk to a real A Plus Warehouse salesperson. Just contact us and let’s find you what you need!

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