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Phenolic Lockers

Phenolic lockers are fantastic for damp or wet environments. The greatest feature of Phenolic lockers is that they are nonporous. Nonporous surfaces do not give bacteria or mold a foothold to grow in. For this reason locker rooms that use phenolic products tend to have less of the distinctive locker room odor that can be found in locker rooms with plastic or metal lockers. With this in mind, A Plus Warehouse is here to sell you phenolic lockers of all different styles. We have single tier, double tier, six tier, and even z tier!

Why Choose Us?

Why should customers order phenolic lockers from A Plus Warehouse? We simply understand lockers and their varied applications - and have many successful installations nationwide. A Plus Warehouse has been selling phenolic and plastic lockers continuously since 1996 and has no intention of slowing down now! A Plus Warehouse has also added Phenolic lockers into the nationwide stocking network. Single tier, double tier, z tier and 6 tier phenolic lockers all ship 100 percent pre-assembled from stock. Not many places sell phenolic lockers, and even fewer sell z tier ones. Our Z tier phenolic locker allows you to have more room vertically while only using a slight bit of foot print. When ordering this locker, you can choose a padlock hasp, built in key lock, or a built in electronic lock. A majority of our customers favor the electronic one.

Our Vendors

This line of lockers comes from our trusted vendor Hallowell. Similar to A Plus Warehouse they have been selling lockers for years now and are not planning to stop anytime soon. We are happy to be working with Hallowell and ready to sell you top of the line products from them. Hallowell supplies us with the phenolic lockers, but along with that they supply us with several other lockers as well.

Why stop at Hallowell products, we have other loyal and trust worthy vendors that supply us with other sort of lockers. Tennsco is another major vendor of ours, we have been working with them for a while now and we have plenty of Tennsco product on our website. A Plus Warehouse is here to supply you with all the warehouse equipment and supplies that you need. Give us a call at 800-209-8698, we have sales reps always at the phone ready to help you!

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