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Phenolic Lockers

Phenolic lockers are fantastic for damp or wet environments. The greatest feature of Phenolic lockers is that they are Nonporous. Nonporous surfaces do not give bacteria or mold a foothold to grow in. For this reason locker rooms that use phenolic products tend to have less of the distinctive locker room odor that can be found in locker rooms with plastic or metal lockers. A Plus Warehouse stocks Phenolic Lockers as well as plastic and metal lockers as well.

Why should customers order phenolic lockers lockers from A Plus Warehouse? We simply understand lockers and their varied applications - and have many successful installations nationwide. A Plus Warehouse has been selling phenolic and plastic lockers continuously simce 1996 and has no intention of slowing down now! A Plus Warehouse has also added Phenolic lockers into the nationwide stocking network. Single tier, double tier, z tier and 6 tier phenolic lockers all ship 100 percent pre-assembled from stock. Order Phenolic lockers from A Plus Warehouse today.

Phenolic lockers by Hallowell as the industry standard. A Plus Warehouse sales reps are ready to help with your locker requirements

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