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Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are used in environments that are hostile to traditional metal lockers. Plastic storage lockers are used in moist environments such as pool areas and food processing factories. There are some applications that do not allow rust - plastic lockers will never rust, so are used in those cases. A Plus Warehouse sells high quality Integrastor solid plastic lockers as well as Lenox , Bradley, Hallowell, and Remcon.

Plastic gym lockers can be used almost anywhere and are highly durable in use. Consider seafood processing. Salt water corrodes metal quite quickly. One choice would be our corrosion resistant metal locker. These lockers last twice as long as standard metal lockers. However, plastic laminate lockers will last even longer in a harsh environment. It is true that plastic lockers are more expensive than standard lockers. You should consider how much a locker costs per year of life.

Plastic school lockers that are twice as expensive as metal lockers are less expensive per year if their lifetime is three times as long!

So, who orders A Plus Warehouse plastic lockers? We sell to food and beverage companies, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, US Government, Local government, Water parks, Amusement parks, Individual home owners. Why do these companies buy solid plastic lockers from A Plus Warehouse? We have many years of experience selling a broad line of warehouse and handling equipment.

When a customer can count on us to design and provide an entire conveyor system or cantilever rack system and we do these complicated tasks so well - it is only obvious that we can use the same expertise to make sure they have the right plastic lockers for their application. Fortune 500, US Government and small business take their decision on vendors seriously, and we are pleased to be a vendor for much of the fortune 500, and a vendor for every branch of the US Military.

Along with solid plastic lockers, we sell industrial mats, casters, dock equipment , steel shelving , pallet racks, and hoisting equipment as well. We have been your source for over a decade of great service and look forward to helping you with your solid plastic locker requirements. A Plus Warehouse is your source right now. 

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