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School Lockers

Thought you left school lockers behind years ago? As it turns out, plenty of facilities still use lockers for school. We at A Plus Warehouse have school lockers for sale for corporations, small businesses, government entities, and consumers alike. These simple products are a practical choice for your facility’s storage purposes. We offer you school storage lockers for sale available unassembled or fully set up for your convenience. We have the best, most trusted lockers by Hallowell, Penco, and more with the best quality welding and painting, and feature rust-free handles.

We Offer Many Types of School Lockers to Fit Your Needs

You may remember the seemingly endless rows of school lockers from your youth. However, these are actually very diverse products with a wide range of uses, and we at A Plus Warehouse have the best of them for your ordering convenience.

Single-tier school lockers are great for storing coats, umbrellas, purses, and other personal belongings. These provide plenty of space for staff to store whatever they need. Each locker can offer storage up to 24-inches deep and 72-inches high.

Double-tier lockers help you save space by stacking two lockers on top of each other. These have plenty of room for coats and other belongings while offering an economical advantage that makes them great for gyms, schools, and warehouses on a budget.

Box lockers have the same space-saving idea as double-tier lockers but offer an even more compact design. These lockers stack 5 or 6 boxes high and are available in single or triple columns wide. Multiple sturdy legs help these lockers stay stabilized wherever they are.

We also have ventilated gym lockers that are ideal for storing heavily worn clothes and equipment. Football lockers and army lockers are rugged and come with perforated sides to allow air flow.

Electronic access lockers put a modern spin on a classic product. Using state-of-the-art technology, these lockers are designed to offer your employees added security. Why bother with keys or lock combinations when staff can input their own, personal 4-digit codes? These lockers offer you the ultimate convenience!

A Plus Warehouse Meets Your Needs for On-Time, In-Stock Lockers for Schools

When choosing a dealer to buy your school lockers, it is important to find someone that offers a great selection all year round. Many facilities have experienced the long lead time that comes with buying school lockers during the busy season. Large schools start ordering hundred thousand dollar orders in April that throw off production until October. That’s why we at A Plus Warehouse keep careful inventory of our most popular lockers, so you do not have a lead time issue when working with us.

You can trust A Plus Warehouse to ship your metal lockers with care. We provide ample interior and exterior packaging for your orders, placing them on oversized pallets to minimize risk of damage during shipping. We ship school lockers nationwide from our regional distribution centers. Do you want lightning-quick delivery in LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Boston, or other major cities? Then you’ve found the right source!

Using school lockers for storage is nothing new to us—we are experts in fulfilling your needs. Please call us at 800-209-8798 or contact us online to start the smoothest school locker ordering experience on the Internet.

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