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See Through Lockers

See through lockers from A Plus Warehouse let you maintain visibility while providing reliable storage. See through metal lockers let you see the contents of your lockers without violating privacy. These lockers are ideal for use in jails, schools, factories, and other locations requiring additional security and visibility. Choose see through lockers assembled and unassembled for your storage needs.

See Through Lockers: The Advantage You Can See

Metal lockers offer you a durable advantage over other kinds of lockers. However, most styles do not allow any visibility. This isn’t required by every industry, but certain job functions can be more convenient if you can see into the locker. In these cases, see through lockers provide you with an unmatched functional benefit. For example, jails and other correctional facilities want see-through lockers to ensure inmates do not store any dangerous items or illegal paraphernalia within them.

As an employer, safety view lockers let you provide workers a safe place to store their belongings while working. Additionally, they allow you to safely see inside the lockers without violating any privacy laws. 

The Sturdiness of Metal with the Visibility of Glass

Clear view lockers offer a comparable degree of security and storage to other locker models. They are made with durable materials to ensure years of long-lasting use. We offer a range of see-through lockers in different configurations for your needs:

Single tier see-through lockers are available in single or three columns at 12”, 15”, or 18” deep. Single tier lockers like these feature a top shelf, as well as a clothing rack for uniforms.

Double tier see-through lockers have two openings at 36” high each. Available in one or three columns wide.

Triple tier see-through lockers are three 24” high lockers stacked on top of each other. Single columns provide three openings, while three columns offer nine openings that are ideal for schools, offices, and factories.

Box see-through lockers are a cost-effective, space-saving option for schools and offices. Available in single or triple columns in 12”, 15”, and 18” depths at 12”D x 12”H.

We also carry multi-colored versions of our single, double, and triple tier lockers, as well as our box see-through lockers. These lockers are painted gray, tan, or blue, all vibrant and expertly applied.

When you need a full locker system for your facility, you can’t go wrong with A Plus Warehouse. Our clear door lockers are a useful combination of security and visibility, offering complete peace of mind while maintaining your work’s standards of privacy. Contact us to order them assembled for your convenience, or unassembled at a reasonably discounted price.

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