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Single Tier Lockers

Welcome to the Single Tier Lockers Page! On this page you will find different sorts of single tier lockers including but not limited to see through, metal, plastic, wooden, and antimicrobial lockers. Single Tier lockers provide a great deal of space for longer items. Single Tier lockers make great school lockers. Kids can hang up their jackets and store equipment easily with single tier lockers!


                Speaking of school lockers, A Plus Warehouse happens to have a very large variety of this type! We have options ranging from low to higher prices. If you are looking for a low price school locker, we recommend our Inexpensive Single Tier Locker. This product does the very basic but important job of a single tier locker-a place to organize your belongings. It also comes with one double prong ceiling hook and two single hooks. They can be ordered as either single columns or three columns wide.

                One of our most popular lockers here at A Plus Warehouse is the Extra Heavy Duty Single Tier Locker. If you are looking for a heavy duty locker, you will not find any better than this. This item is 12 GA all welded. Each opening has a 500 pound capacity! We highly recommend this product!

                A Plus Warehouse makes ordering easy! Our very knowledgeable and well trained sales people always direct customers to the perfect product to meet their needs. If you have any question about single tier lockers or any other product don’t hesitate to call us at 800-209-8798. Order Now!

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