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Stainless Steel Lockers

Stainless steel lockers are a specialized locker required by companies with sanitation and rust issues. Food service processors and operators need stainless steel industrial lockers as well as stainless steel cabinets and conveyors as well. If you are looking for a stainless steel locker , A Plus Warehouse Is your best choice.
Stainless steel lockers are offered at A Plus Warehouse as a convenience to those great customers that need these items.

A Plus Warehouse now offers an economy stainless steel lockers as well as the all welded deluxe stainless steel lockers. The Economy line is provided either assembled or unassembled. Ordering a stainless steel locker unassembled will save customers money in shipping

Why do our customers need stainless steel lockers? The answer comes down to oxidation – which is a fancy word for rust. Rust destroys lockers and also adds contamination to the environment. Contamination in a factory may not be a horrible situation in many cases, but in some cases – it is very harmful and illegal. Although additional iron in food can be good for some people, putting rust into the food supply is ill-advised. Whatever food producers can do to keep rust out of production areas should be done religiously. An A Plus Warehouse stainless steel locker can certainly help in keeping rust out of processing areas. We find semi-conductor manufacturers have similar issues with rust harming the semi-conductors being manufactured.

If you want to order stainless steel industrial lockers for rust resistance, but want to save some money – you may want to consider galvanite rust resistant lockers. These lockers bridge the gap between standard and stainless steel lockers. Galvanite lockers are manufactured with steel specially treated with galvaneel.

Another place to use stainless steel industrial lockers would be outdoors and ultra humid locations. Why get lockers that rust out every 12-18 months? A stainless steel locker can last for years without rusting. We provide these lockers in single tier, double tier and box style as well.

We are the right choice right now and look forward to being of assistance.

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