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Steel Lockers

You need steel lockers and need the right source from which to order steel storage lockers.  You have come to the right place. A Plus Warehouse has steel lockers for sale.  We offer the broadest line of steel school lockers available at value pricing now!

A Plus Warehouse sells steel lockers manufactured by Hallowell, Penco, Lyons, Edsal and others as well.  We have been a great source of steel lockers for over 12 years and will continue to do so.  Steel storage lockers are used in schools, universities, companies and government entities as well.  We strive to be your source for steel lockers and steel school lockers nationwide.

The decision where to order your equipment is certainly non-trivial.  A Plus Warehouse has been a leading wholesale distributor for the past 12 + years due to our strong customer focus.  Our sales people are here in USA, and will not be outsourced.  When you call our 800 number at 800-209-8798 you will reach a sales person that can handle any of your questions. 

A Plus Warehouse has a broad line including but not limited to steel storage lockers.  We provide our valued customers with shelving, racks, loading dock equipment and material handling equipment of all types.  Our shipping times are unparalleled as well.

We have a nationwide network of distribution points allowing us to speed your order to your door immediately.  Small orders and large orders alike are handled regularly by A Plus Warehouse.  If you need steel lockers for sale, you have found your source.

Who buys from us? We do business with many branches of the US Government including but not limited to DOJ, DOC, TSA, IRS, Army, Navy, Marines, Military Schools, State Governments, Fortune 500, small companies and service industries alike.  These customers have made the intelligent choice to come to A Plus Warehouse for our great service, quick ship times, and value pricing.  We are waiting for you to add our roster of great customers.

We provide the level of service that you require.  Some customers do not like the phone – they use email only.  We have extensive email capability, and do not need to talk to customers to handle business.  Other customers like the human touch.  We will always have sales people – that will never be replaced by robots and voicemail jail.  If you want a person, call 800-209-8798.  We are very flexible, and look forward to handling your requirements.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now for steel lockers and industrial equipment of all types.

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