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Ventilated Lockers

Where there's moisture, there's mold. Football Lockers for sale from A Plus Warehouse can provide convenient storage while reducing the musty smell that builds up over time on sweaty athletic equipment. Athletic lockers are an easy, low-cost solution to your storage needs. We at A Plus Warehouse have a range of athletic lockers for sale that are perfect for locker rooms, exercise rooms, and other applications. Choose them unassembled or pre-built to your convenience and order today!

Why Choose Football Lockers?

Why choose football lockers over other kinds of lockers? Athletic lockers are great primarily for two reasons: when you have a moist environment that needs more ventilation, or you have a need for larger, more durable lockers than the standard. Athletic lockers are used everywhere from football stadiums to changing rooms at pools and gyms. We have a range of high quality athletic locker brands by Republic, Penco, Lyons, and Hallowell. Why buy generic when you can get made-in-USA quality with recognized brand names you can trust?

We supply the US military, fire departments, government agencies, as well as corporations and private gyms with athletic lockers. ​Even if you don’t work in these industries, you can still find plenty of reason to order our premium products.

Football Lockers Offer Superior Storage and Air Flow

We at A Plus Warehouse have a huge selection of lockers for sale. Athletic lockers are simply the go-to choice for when you want secure storage at an affordable price. And with the added air ventilation provided by each, you'll of course see why athletic lockers are the smart, sturdy choice.

We have several models of value-added Economy athletic lockers. These are available in just about every conceivable configuration, including single tier, triple tier, and box locker versions. These economy lockers can be ordered as deep as 24" and in single or triple rows.

Inexpensive metal football lockers are great for outfitting locker rooms with affordable yet durable athletic lockers. These are built with 16-GA steel body components to give you strong storage for even the roughest junior football team. For teams that really play hard, these cheap football lockers have ventilated sides that get plenty of air flow. You can even order them with a footlocker or locking top compartment for added security and storage.

Slopemaster lockers are another affordable option for when space is at a premium. These sloping metal lockers make the most of your space and can be ordered at half-height for easy access. These lockers are double tier and come in several widths for your convenience.

We have specialized athletic lockers made for storing very specific recreational athletic equipment. Ideal for golf or country clubs, golf lockers let you store your clubs and club bag easily, as well as your appropriate golfing attire. Ski lockers come in heights up to 84" to fit your skis and poles.

We also carry several other styles of lockers, such as Jumbo team lockers, coin-operated lockers, and wire mesh storage lockers for sale.

Order Now from A Plus Warehouse

With all the great features that football lockers offer, your school sports team, exercise crew, or other athletic organization will have a safe space to store your equipment. And best of all, the ventilation offered by each locker means that equipment won't be ruined by mold simply by storing it away for the day. We have a trained sales staff ready to answer any question you may have on our products. You will always get the service you need at the pricing you deserve at A Plus Warehouse.

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