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Work Lockers

Does your company need lockers for work? You are at the site for work lockers. Personnel need a comfortable and secure place to work, and the addition of workplace lockers helps in providing security. When every employee has a work locker, personal items can be safely stored.

When looking for small lockers for work, we suggest the lockmaster locker. Lockmasters have built in locks, so the lockers for work that you order are shipped ready to use when you order them pre-assembled. If you order them unassembled, at least you know you will have the correct lock with your work lockers.

Our customers that order workplace lockers can rest assured that they are dealing with a quality distributor selling only the best lines. We ship our locker products nationwide from several distribution points resulting in low freight costs and much less damage than you'd see from a dealer shipping from only one location. We also have excellent, highly trained sales people who can help you with your work lockers order on line or by telephone - whichever way you prefer.

Lockers for work can be different from typical gym lockers. Office dcor requires colors other than industrial gray, and A Plus Warehouse fits the bill with designer colors for many of our office lockers. Many work places need storage cabinets as well, and we provide great storage cabinets including see through, ventilated, stainless steel, light and heavy duty varieties.

Within the workplace, we also provide customers with a range of industrial and material handling products including hoists, work benches, shelving, racks, roller conveyors, and loading dock equipment. In fact, you could well consider small lockers for work as a part of am integrated A Plus Warehouse facility system. We have you covered from the receiving dock through inventory, production, then quality inspection and shipping department. We also have you covered in the back office with work area mats, file drawers, cabinets, dollies, janitorial supplies and work lockers as well. A Plus Warehouse has been in business since 1996 and upper management has been with this trade since 1986.

We have seen and embraced new technologies from the fax machine to edi to internet and email, and even social media. One thing that has remained consistent is that we offer our customers a great value proposition. We offer a fair price, get the product delivered quickly, and do not rest until you are satisfied with our service.

As always, we are your right source right now, and look forward to handling your valued business.

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