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Why Magliner ®

Welcome to the Magliner ®  page. If you are looking for the best quality hand truck, you are in the right place.  Of course, hand trucks on not the only thing Magliner ® offers! Magliner ® has such a large variety of material handling equipment  that A Plus Warehouse feels privileged to be able to sell. They have been in business for 70 years. With this sort of longevity, they clearly know how to make great products. A lot of our customers would also appreciate that Magliner ® manufacturers its products in the United States. No overseas products here! Every single product the company has to offer is American made.


Do you need a dolly? If so, Magliner ® is the place to go to. Many of our customers can find great value in purchasing a dolly. There will always be a need to move your appliances from place to place. The company refers to its hand trucks and industrial dollies as Magliners. Magliners are top of the line products. There is none better.

                At both Magliner ® and A Plus Warehouse, Safety is the first priority. Magliner ® has some regulations regarding safety. First of all, magliner produces the lightest hand truck in the industry, with the average delivery driver lifting 14 tons less per year. This puts lets strain on the body and also leads to less Workman Comp claims. Everything about these hand trucks is easier to manage. They require up to 4.5 pounds less force to break back a load. Handle grips are also 4.5 times longer than the industry average.  This keeps you safe! We are glad that Magliner ® puts such a large emphasis on safety.


Why A Plus Warehouse

Customers may ask why to choose A Plus Warehouse as their distributer. What makes us different from our competition? For one thing, employees at A Plus Warehouse love to come to work. It is more than just a job. When employees are happier they are than better able to do their job of making your experience at A Plus Warehouse as positive as possible. Our team guides you through the whole process painlessly so that you wind up with the product which perfectly suits your needs. Magliner ® has many products to offer, and A Plus Warehouse assures it can find you the correct Magliner ® hand truck or possibly another one of our dollies and hand trucks. At A Plus Warehouse, your order is of utmost importance to us. Order Now!


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