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Balance Scale

Balance scales aren't just for Doctors' offices! Of course when people think about a balance scale they usually think about the white medical scale that you stand on as the doctor slides the heavy weight too darned far to the right ! A balance weight scale can also be used for industrial applications as well. The Fairbanks portable floor balance scale is great for weighing gas cylinders, produce and any item with a footprint smaller than a standard pallet. Of course you can see the digital balance scale in precision measuring lab application.

Why would a user need or want a balance weight scale? This is a great question. There are times when a floor scale or hanging scale just don't fit the bill. Balance scales in the industrial marketplace can be used in busy environments weighing hand pick items efficiently an effectively as well. When you need a balance scale, A Plus Warehouse is certainly your best choice.

We have over 10 years of experience selling balance scales and also sell a great variety of other industrial equipment.  You have counted on us for quality conveyor systems, loading dock equipment, steel shelving, bulk racks and cantilever racks as well.  We do a great job assisting you in the design of your conveyor and storage systems and can certainly integrate a digital balance scale into your system as well.

Now a word on the A Plus Warehouse distribution philosophy.  We sell only the best product produced by only the best manufacturers, and sell to the very best customers including the federal government, state and local government offices, Fortune 500 companies, small business , large business and international businesses as well.  We do a great job selling our wares on Canada as well.  How are we able to do this in a competitive field?  We employ the very best sale force.  Our people have a fanatical customer focus.  We are large enough to handle your business, but are also small enough to realize that we are nothing without your value business.  The upshot is that you get a highly qualified rep that will not stop until you are satisfied with the buying process at A Plus Warehouse.

You always get quick shipments from A Plus Warehouse, as our regional distribution center system moves inventory from factory to warehouse straight to you.  Our warehouses have the product you are about to order before you order!  This is accomplished by advanced stochastic inventory demand modeling, and some good old fashioned thumb in the wind estimation.  The marriage of old technology – older employees, and dot com wire head types employed here guarantees that you get the best service available.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now.  We will help you with your balance weight scale and other bench scale requirements.

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