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Warehouse Scooter

Warehouse Scooters are great for getting around your huge warehouse. They offer convenient transportation of personnel as well as small, medium, and even heavy duty loads. Industrial scooters also make order picking easier than ever. Simply drive down the right aisle, find the product you need, and place it in the basket or cargo tray. Electric industrial scooters for sale from A Plus Warehouse are the convenient, practical, eco-friendly way to get around your facility.

NOTE: Warehouse scooters are not for recreational use. Please make sure you are following your state’s local laws when using these scooters.

Warehouse Scooters Provide Practical Warehouse Transportation

Warehouses are getting larger by the year. The days of 20,000 square foot warehouses that use hand-operated Platform Trucks for order picking are past. With the rise of million square foot warehouses, walking around is much less practical. If you have a large warehouse, industrial scooters are a must-have item.

Plant Maintenance Utility Vehicles are used for transporting large loads for in-plant maintenance. These scooters come with a giant cargo box with a 700-lb. capacity. The plant maintenance vehicle reaches up to 15 MPH and can last for up to 45 miles on a single charge.

Two versions of Factory Utility Scooters are great for your product transport needs. A Pick Pack version is available with a heavy duty cargo box for transporting stock materials. The Food Delivery version’s hot/cold food carrier is ideal for keeping meals at the right temperature. Both reach up to 15 MPH and are complete with headlight and shock absorbers.

Two Rider Factory Scooters power people through warehouses and plants up to 45 MPH. These are great for transporting executives or for people with low mobility. Use the attached wire basket for safely carrying belongings or briefcases.

Electric Tricycles can move you around your warehouse with a high level of efficiency. You can easily go 20 miles on one charge with minimal pedaling. These 3 wheel bike products come mostly preassembled; just attach the front wheel, and away you go!

We also sell Sit and Stand scooters and three wheeler get around scooters. These aren’t your usual scooters. Unlike mopeds, these scooters were made with industrial needs in mind. They aren’t for riding around for fun. Please drive safely!

Warehouse Scooters are the Green Movement Solution

Gas-powered scooters can pollute your warehouse with noxious fumes. That’s a major problem for workers in such an enclosed space, even one with a high ceiling and ample air flow. Electric scooters eliminate this risk altogether. All our electric scooters are zero emission.

You may also choose industrial bicycles or old-fashioned warehouse scooters for manually operated movement and convenient transportation.

Get Your Scooter and Take Advantage of FREE Freight

All of the electric scooters sold here are on the FREE Freight program. Free freight is based on dock-to-dock business delivery; residential delivery surcharges will be added as necessary. This is a great opportunity to save on the necessary products you need to enhance your warehouse efficiency! Order today and SAVE!

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