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Safety Showers

Welcome to the Safety Zone!

A+ products for A+ workers! 

If we don’t have it, you don’t need it! Safety equipment should be present in well-marked, highly visible spaces. If you’re a school, lab, or business that deals with hazards, you need our products today! We have the best of the best equipment that will keep you and your workers going for a long time. Don’t know what you need? Ask your friendly and knowledgeable workers about our products and we will help you along in every step of the way! We are real people with over 20 years of experience in sales! We provide your business with maintaining a controlled environment at the best prices. We are continually expanding our product offering to remain the top provider of all your needs. Our easy ordering and exceptional delivery will make sure you are happy with your products from the beginning of your search, until the end. Our safety shower/eyewash products ensure compliance with ANSI Z358.1 guidelines. Be confident in your ability to provide your workers the best equipment that there are! NO matter your location, we can provide you safety showers and eyewash stations for your convenience, even if you don’t have access to water supply! Quick response to accidents is key to prevent the worst from happening, so order today and rest assured that you can control accidents and prevent disasters from happening. 

These systems provide immediate and effective first aid treatment required. Even with a well-trained staff, accidents can happen, and preparation is the key to handling the toughest mishap. Always prepare for the future, and rest assured that our products will serve you for years to come. Weather you a school, lab, large or small business, we at A Plus Warehouse are here to work with you to get you set up with the right equipment, at the best price! The challenge confronting many classrooms and labs is how to raise the level of safety awareness among everyone in the lab at all times. Our products come with simple instructions and easy to understand when setting up and when in need of use. Our signs are easy to spot in a designated area. The Green eyewash sign lets others know where the location of the eyewash station is. The green safety showers with the first aid symbol indicate the area of the shower.

Indoor emergency showers allow you to always be prepared and ready for accidents. Our Shower Eyewash Combination product is perfect for labs and classrooms with it’s easy shower activation and 20/76 water flow per minute for shower 3/11.4 for eyewash.  This product is designed for high flow rates that meet ANSI and OSHA standards so you can rest assured you are taken care of.  Some of the great features about this product are that the nozzle is self-draining, removable and constructed from durable nylon. The ball valves are high performance, and endure the harshest environments and site conditions. The twin aerated diffusers provide a soft, cleansing work to the eyes and face. The floor mounted and unheated shower is available in either galvanized mild steel or stainless steel pipework. The shower sign on top universally and easily communicates the zone of the emergency. The shower spray is operated by a pull handle, and eye/face spray is operated by a push plate. Our standard size (W x D x H)is 12.4 in x 29.5 in x 103 in. Height includes sign. Weighing at just 35 lbs, this is easily transportable to your area of need. This is a quick ship item, within 5 business days. Order now!

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