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Mats and Matting are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. All companies have requirement for rubber mats. Manufacturers especially need anti fatigue mats and anti fatigue matting. A Plus Warehouse fits the bill for various rubber matting.

Consider a manufacturing plant that transports product for an entire shift on conveyors. There must be a worker at the end of each conveyor to handle the product coming off the production line. According to a study by Wearwell mats, the use of wearwell mats - specifically anti fatigue mats reduce fatigue, bodily pain and absenteeism. A Plus Warehouse mats are an investment in your operation's efficiency. Our matting is also used in work areas that may have our work benches and specifically, our production tables. Production tables can be as long as you need them , so many customers order bulk rolls of matting for use in these areas.

Another type of matting that all firms require is entrance mats. By Crown Mats' estimate , 70-80 percent of floor damaging soil in many buildings comes from traffic through building entrances. Unprotected entrance flooring can accumulate two pounds of dirt per square yard in inclement weather. By Crown Mats estimate , removal of dirt can cost $750 per pound for removal. Not only is it expensive to clean up the dirt , but unprotected entries make for slippery wet floors that can lead to injury. Ideally, every facility should use entrance mats such as Superior Notrax Opera mats. A total of 15 feet of matting is required to remove 85% of moisture and debris from entering the building. The Opera mat is unique because it is a combination of three mats transitioning in texture from looped non absorbent yarn (removes debris) to Absorbent decalon (to begin drying) finally to looped pile (to complete drying). When customers do not have enough space , individual transition phase mats can be ordered. Notrax transition entry mats are the prelude , encore , and finally ovation. The Crown matting version would be the Fore-Runner, Cross-Over , and Walk-A-Way.

Rubber mats and rubber matting can also be found in food service operations. Food service operations are often slippery areas , which are a potential falling hazard. Comfort Zone matting has large draining holes so water won't accumulate. These are available in grease resistant , or nitrile grease proof type. Of course these mats afford workers an extra element of comfort as well. Many food service operations use our high quality stainless steel cabinets for extra sanitation.

We provide mats for gym use , freezer application , esd electronics use , and many other applications. Whatever your rubber matting needs may be , A Plus Warehouse is able to help along with fine manufacturers such as Crown , Anderson , WaterHog, Wearwell, Superior Notrax, Akro and others. Call us at 800-209-8798 if you need any help at all.