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Entrance Mats

Entrance mats and entrance matting should be used by all companies and agencies. Dirt and water can ruin valuable floor, not to mention make your facility look dingy. For a nominal investment in entrance matting, you will be able to preserve your flooring and your company image.

Phases of Entry


When thinking of entrance mats, consider the three phases of entry. Outdoors followed by vestibule and finally inside. When outside, the entrance matting needs to take debris from shoes and boots. This is accomplished with coarse fibers. The vestibule area has entrance mats that continue cleaning and start the drying process. The final entrance mats finish up the cleaning and drying mostly. A total of 15-16 feet of entrance matting for all three phases is required to eliminate a large amount of dirt and water. Crown mat estimates that removing a pound of dirt from a facility can cost upwards of $750. One Pound of dirt kept off the floor more than pays for your mats , then you start making a financial return on your entrance matting investment.


Notrax has a fairly innovative solution to your entrance matting needs. Their Opera entrance mat is a three in one mat that is a one piece mat that transitions between the three modes of entrance mat work. Without enough room to accommodate 15 feet of entrance mat continuously , they suggest their Prelude , encore and ovation product. For the busiest entries , you may well want the Notrax arrow trax number 118. This entrance matting has 4 deniers of yarn , making it an amazingly long lasting entrance mat. A fantastic 38 oz of needle punched yarn per square inch provides the highest degree of crush resistance.

Not every entrance is heavy traffic. In fact , some low volume entrances can benefit from using old fashioned Olefin mats. Olefin was THE mat 20 years ago , but has been supplanted in heavy traffic areas by more premium mats. The Notrax Sabre Decalon is a mat that competes well with other Olefin mats again , great for low traffic entrances. For active entrances , you are much better off ordering Waterhog from A Plus Warehouse.

A Plus Warehouse is your best source for all matting including entrance matting , and we look forward to being of assistance.

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