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Industrial Rubber Mats

Industrial rubber mats are used for a variety of applications including athletic areas as well as industrial wet applications. With rubber being non-porous, water is not absorbed. This is very important in an ice rink, a weight training room, or any wet environment. Customers need matting to protect flooring and provide a safe surface for people to walk or train on.

For the Weight Room

Why do you need a gym mat in a weight training room? The answer is simple. When a person drops a weight on the floor, you do not want a shock to a hardwood floor. Gym mats will allow you to distribute the weight more evenly to the floor and reduce the associated noise.

Weight room matting is also a specialized type of rubber mats. Our four-foot by six-foot weight room mat weighs 130 pounds for the ¾ inch thick version. The massive weight of this rubber matting makes movement of the product not a significant issue. Adding a rack of weights to the mat itself does not hurt either. Weight room rubber floor matting will make your area look more professional, and also keep it new longer.

For Ice Skating

Have you ever been ice skating? It is a fun recreational activity for many people. Rubber mats can be seen in many places at ice skating rinks to take skates on and off. Check out our ice-skating rink matting.

This matting prevents damage to floors that can come from spikes or skates. The overall mat thickness is ¼” and is in stock nationwide. Full rolls are easily cut at customer location.

For Food Service

Every company in the food service industry needs a food service mat. Let A Plus Warehouse be your source! Our Crown Food Service Matting can be ordered with black grease resistant capabilities or red grease proof capabilities. The mat is 7/8” thick and features raised rib design to provide superior traction in wet or dry conditions. Heavy duty rubber allows for easy drain-through of liquids and debris.

Your Right Source, Right Now

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for rubber mats! As shown, rubber mats are a necessity in several different industries. Our mats are quick ship and always very high quality. The sales staff at A Plus Warehouse is already very eager and ready to help customers find the perfect product to fit their needs. Order Now!

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