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Industrial Rubber Mats

Industrial rubber mats are used for a variety of applications including athletic areas as well as industrial wet applications. With the product being non-porous , water is not absorbed. This is very important in an ice rink , a weight training room , or any wet environment. Customers need matting to protect flooring , and provide a safe surface for people to walk or train on.


Why do  you need a gym mat in a weight training room? The answer is simple. When a person drops a weight on the floor, you do not want a shock to a hardwood floor. Gym mats will allow you to distribute the weight more evenly to the floor, and reduce the associated noise.

We also provide our industrial rubber mats to ice skating rinks, Mats provide a way to  minimizes damage done to flooring by skates and skates by the floor. If you own or operate a recreational rink , you certainly want to do all you can to not destroy your customers property. Very often spike and skate resistant  mats are found in changing areas. How convenient to have coin operated lockers. Curiously enough , A Plus Warehouse can provide you the coin operated lockers as well. In fact , your customers may well want to sit while putting on or taking off their skates, a perfect application for A Plus Warehouse Locker Room Benches.!Additionally , you may want to store your rental skates on some steel shelving. Our spike resistant rubber floor matting can also be used as temporary or permanent placement over expensive carpet or flooring.

Weight room matting is also a specialized type of rubber mats. Our four foot by six foot weight room mat weighs 130 pounds for the ¾ inch thick version. The massive weight of this rubber matting makes movement of the product not a significant issue. Adding a rack of weights to the mat itself doesn't hurt either. Weight room rubber floor matting will make your area look more professional , and also keep it new longer.

Wearwell mats are very popular at A Plus Warehouse. Consider their model 227 out front reversible scraper mat. This 3 x 6  matting has one side with flexible scrapers alternating with drainage ports. The other side has clusters of stiff ridges for removal of heavy debris and snow. One rubber mat for all seasons innovation in anti fatigue matting keeps us ahead of the competition.

We also now have Notrax Knee RX  mats. These are individual portable mats with built in grip for easy access. Size is 12 x 22 and are a full inch thick. Workers can carry these light mats to where they are kneeling down , and be much gentler on their knees. Knee RX is far better than knee pads , and incomparable to working on concrete while sitting on your knees. A four pack has been less than $150 and should be for a long time. Think of how more pleasant a job can be with a very small investment in our easy to clean mats

For Food Service application  customers count on our nitrile rubber mats.

We are ready to help in all your rubber matting and warehouse equipment needs. Please call us at 800-209-8798.

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