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Church Furniture

Our church furniture is beautiful for your church as well as other places of worship.  Aesthetically pleasing furniture will heighten the experience of being at church. Our church furniture can be sold across the united states as well as Canada and Mexico. Our pews showcase style and comfort. Lots of skillful woodworking goes into the presentation of our church furniture.  They are quite artistic. Artists pay very close attention to detail when making these pews, chairs, and pulpits.  Wood finishes include light oak, medium oak, and dark oak. Non wood colors include hunter, maroon, special blue, brown haze, red rose, grape, academy blue, scarlet, viola, aloe, toreador, and cobalt. These finishes are often used for chairs. Custom work is also available with the Imperial Woodworks line. Ask your sales representative for more information. Best of all, all our church furniture comes with free shipping!  A Plus Warehouse wants to keep our customers coming back!

We sell all sorts of gorgeous church pews and accessories. Different styles include  tradition, colonial, and standard looks. Radical church pews are also a great choice for customers look for a inviting and warm environment that is often unavailable with traditional straight pew configurations. Different accessories include folding kneelers, bookracks, collection plates, pew miter, and pew fronts. Pew kneelers are  offered with upholstery fabric with either metal or wood frame. Pew miters are recommended to provide maximum strength to church pews. Each side of the support is anchored into the floor for a lifetime of trouble free functionality.

Church pulpits are also made from quality wood while also having detailed moldings and carvings. Every pulpit is unique because we know every religious organization has their own needs!  Our winged pulpit is a very simple yet elegant design. It includes a bible rest and ¾” center shelf with a recessed base. It is a great and reliable option.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for church furniture. We have church pews and pulpits as discusses. We also offer church chairs and tables, hymn and register boards, lecterns, and baptismal fonts. There are very many options here at A Plus Warehouse! We are your right source right now for church furniture. Order Now!

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