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Ballymore Ladders

Ballymore is widely known for their ladders! They invented the rolling safety ladder and continue to be a leader in the industry. Ballymore started with rolling ladders. John Colgan, founder of Ballymore, noticed that the standard wooden A-type ladder used to access upper lockers were very unsafe. He than designed a rolling stairway with handrails and casters which were supported by springs that would compress with weight and lock the legs to the ground. This product took off and then Colgan launched Ballymore in 1946. Ballymore has grown significantly since this point, but they still haven’t forgotten that the rolling ladder was the start of it all! However, it did not stop there. Ballymore  is always adding new and interesting ladders to their line up. We are proud to sell Ballymore ladders at A Plus Warehouse.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns at A Plus Warehouse. We do not want anybody getting hurt using one of our products! Many of our products, including our rolling ladders add to the safety of the warehouse as opposed to adding a safety risk! Rolling ladders make it so customers can safely reach for items. They are a must have in any work place!

Check out the stainless steel spring loaded ladders! They are great for wash down environments. We also recommend grip strut for wet environments. This ladder meets OSHA and ANSI standards and comes with or without handrails. Product is not returnable. Stainless steel products are popular at A Plus Warehouse! Stainless steel offers a clean look that our customers love. Stainless steel does not rust and is also weather resistant.  It is a super strong material. Stainless steel products are more expensive than our standard steel products, but many of our customers find that the price difference is worth it! However, for customers looking for a more standard rolling ladder, the Industrial Rolling Ladders is a great option. This product also offers grip strut for wet environments as well as the economical perforated stairs, abrasive mat for dry applications, and expanded metal for slightly less wet applications. This product also meets ANSI and OSHA standards. This ladders saves customers on freight charges by shipping unassembled, flat in a box.

                A Plus Warehouse is glad to sell a large amount of Ballymore ladders. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798. Happy ladder shopping!

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