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Ballymore Lifts

Originating with ladders, Ballymore has been a leading material handling company for years now. Their more recent boom of equipment are their lifts. Ballymore lifts are becoming more widely favored with each day as the company grows. Expanding from just ladders Ballymore now sells lifts, platforms, and other material handling equipment. This is the company you can trust to have great new innovative ideas for your warehouse. We trust that when we provide our A Plus Warehouse customers with Ballymore products, we know they are getting only the best quality material and are sure to be satisfied.

Lifting equipment can be hazardous if not produced and used the right way. These items should be manufactured with care, and not every company does it quite as well as Ballymore. If you are going to work with heavy machinery it only makes sense you would want the machinery to come from a trusted source, given that handling it can be very dangerous. With over 60 years of experience with material handling we can ensure that this company is a safe option to buy product from. They have been one of our top vendors for years now and are always a pleasure to work with. Their wonderful customer service, great value, and high quality are all attributes that makes this company number one.

It is widely known that Ballymore was the first company to manufacture rolling safety ladders in 1946, but in addition they were the first company to make hydraulic powered personnel lifts starting in the 1950’s and has been continuing to improve and create new product. If you are looking for a reliable one person lifting mechanism, the Ballymore Power Lift is a favorite for our customers. It is ground entry, which is very convenient, operates easy, and has safety precautions built in. There are floor locks to secure the equipment along with key locks to prevent unauthorized users from getting onto the machine in the first place. Just like many other of Ballymore products, this one exceeds ANSI safety standards.

At A Plus Warehouse we want only the best for our customers and in doing so we work with the most trustworthy vendors. Vendors that provide us with care and quality are ones that we will trust for our own customers. Our company never gives up when finding the right vendor because we know it is important for our customers and we want to fulfill their needs.

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