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 With more than 165 years of manufacturing experience, Lewisbins is the trustworthy vendor of ours we like to present to our customers. Customers of this company are provided with a great experience because the products are simple to order, have a variety of styles, and are made of only the best material. This unique company is always developing new ideas and products, and in fact they were the first company to ever introduce reusable plastic containers in North America.

Lewisbins is easily accessible to the point that they even collaborate with leading material handling dealers and distributor across North America. The team at Lewisbins is well educated on the industry and application for material handling products. This group is dedicated to finding only the best material handling solutions for customers. With a team so passionate about creating the right products for customers’ material handling needs, A Plus Warehouse knows that this is a good vendor for our own customers.

Lewisbins has quite the variety of products, whether you want something big or small, colored or not, we have it all. Choose from part bins, divider boxes, stacking containers, distribution containers, shelf bins, fiberglass plexton containers, metal storage bins, or wire shelving. Many people like the variety we can provide you with when we work with Lewisbins.

Manufacturing expertise, industry and application knowledge, and technological experience are all aspect A Plus Warehouse looks for when choosing the right vendor to use for our customers. Lewisbins fits all these aspects, and they even strive to go beyond these aspects and show even more strengths such as their loyalty and pride in the business.

When looking for a basic storage system one may not know what sort of options they have. One of our favorite models is the Lewis Plastic Bin Rack. This item is great because everything that is needed for the product comes with it. There is a heavy duty stand which contain the bins. Bins will range from several small parts bins at the top, to two large ones at the bottom. Lewisbins is the trusted vendor we use to give our customers the best service.


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