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Louisville Ladder

Welcome to the Louisville Ladder vendor page. Learn more about the company! Where are Louisville ladders made? As the name suggests they are made right in  Louisville Kentucky! Louisville Ladders was started in 1946 and boasts a history of development. It was the first company with aluminum step and extension ladders. They also created the first knocked down steel rolling warehouse ladder. Check out our selection of Louisville Ladders products.

Customers love Louisville ladders. Their aluminum twin step ladder is a type 1A ladder. It comes in heights going from 3 feet all the way up to 20 feet. The product features serrated steps and slip resistant rubber feet for safety and stability. The ladder is a maximum strength ladder with a 300 pound capacity. The non conductive rolling ladder is meant for working around electricity. They have the potential to save a life This ladder is important for your safety. It is very easy to assemble and meets ANSI standards. Number of steps range from 4 to 15 and platform height ranges from 38” to 143”. We also offer Louisville Ladder Scaffolding. Our rolling scaffold, also known as bakers staging, is ideal for every day maintenance and function. We have them available in 6 and 3 feet heights. Both can fir through a standard 30 inch wide door. Platform adjusts every 2 inches and 5 inch locking casters are included. Bakers Staging is easy to assemble and store away.

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