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For years Magline Incorporated has shown exceptional product and service along with a customer loyalty. Magline Inc. is a family owned business currently being ran by the second generation with third generation involvement. Found in 1946 by Don Law from the first ever generation of Magline, this company has grown with each new group of thinkers. As each generation comes in there are new innovative ideas that hold Magline as the leading material handling corporation in the world.

Magline products are built for quality, efficiency, and durability. There are always new ideas and creations that ultimately result in more options and material handling equipment for customers. Items are produced and sold by passionate people working with a strong strive for innovation and achievement. The team at Magline constantly work to provide their customers with the utmost satisfaction. No task is too big nor too small for them to handle. With years of experiences Magline can handle almost any problem or inquiry a customer may have. A Plus Warehouse is here to provide our customers with respectable vendors like this one.

Magline is well known for their extensive product variation. Whether you want a dolly, hand truck, ramp, or cart, we are here to supply you with it all! The amount of hand trucks Magliner can provide A Plus Warehouse with is endless. You can buy a standard Magline Paddle Brake Truck if you are looking for the simpler hand truck usage. For tasks a bit more extravagant you can choose from a powered stair climbing truck, folding ones, convertible ones, full 360 degree rotation hand trucks, and many more. You can find a hand truck anywhere, but you surely cannot find these sort of hand trucks elsewhere. Therefore A Plus Warehouse chooses to work with Magliner, we know that our customers are sure to find the products they need.

The A Plus Warehouse customer’s favorite Magliner product is the Standard Magliner Platform Truck. This product is efficient, sturdy, and safe to use. With this item you can choose between a smooth deck or a tread one. We also give the option of a standard handle or cross brace one. Cross brace handlebars oftentimes add a level of comfort and efficiency. With a capacity of 2800 pounds this platform truck is sure to move your heavy items with ease. Check out our Magliner products today; your trusted source!


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