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Modern Equipment Company

Originally founded in Omaha, Nebraska over a hundred years ago, this company has expanded to work with companies in all 50 states. This company presents a complete line of material handling and storage equipment for the industry. This organization is based on delivering quality, integrity, and service in every aspect of the business. MECO, the company you can depend on to deliver your high quality products on time. They do not miss promised shipping dates. False promises are never a situation with Modern Equipment Company, they never make a promise they cannot keep.


We love MECO OMAHA because they are easy to do business with. They process orders quickly and smoothly, ship items fast, and the customer service is excellent. When we work with this company to get products for our own customers we know we will receive the best care which enables us to give great care too.

Providing us with cylinder trucks, drum handling trucks and more, our customers are sure to find the material handling equipment they need with the help of our vendor's product line.  These trucks are designed specifically for holding your drums and cylinders. Drums and cylinders are an awkward item to hold and does not work well with standard hand trucks, because of this MECO provides these special application trucks. With large capacities and simple mobility, these products are sure to add efficiency in your warehouse or industry.

With a large diversity of product and growth in sales volume, MECO is a safe and trusted vendor. They have been a partner of ours for years and have been exceeding our expectations since the beginning. We choose the vendors that provide best service so we can further that and provide the best to our own customers.


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