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Penco has the high quality quick shipping products our customers can count on. Everybody can benefit from storage products of some time. Penco products fill many of your storage needs. They manufacture  shelving, racks, and lockers to name a few of their more popular lines. Penco was founded in 1869 under the name Penn Metal Corporation of Pennsylvania, this name was then shorted to the Penco Products we know today in the 1950s.

Penco lockers are great because they ship quicker than many of our other lockers available on the website.  We know that when customers want storage equipment, they want it now! Just as with most of our other lockers, Penco lockers are available all assembled or kd. The knocked down option saves customers money, and all welded is more convenient.

                If you are looking for double rivet shelving, you can’t go wrong with a Penco Product! Rivet shelving is sold in starter and adder units. Customers can choose between having or not having center supports. Center supports add more capacity to the shelving. The capacity ranges from 500 to 1400 pounds per level. Particle board is not included with this product, but it is available.

                If you have any more questions about Penco Products, do not hesitate to contact us! A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now!


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