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Penco Lockers

Penco Products is among the highest quality items for manufacturing companies. A Plus Warehouse buys lockers from Penco along with several other supplies and equipment. Our Penco lockers page is a place for us to put together all our different Penco lockers into one area just for you. These high quality lockers are made from long lasting material; yours is sure to stay looking fresh and new. We know our customers want their items to last a while, so we want to provide them with that by selling these products. Whether you are searching for athletic lockers, classroom lockers, or even office lockers you have come to the right place because we have all the following to sell you.

About Penco

A Plus Warehouse has been working with Penco Products for years and they are yet to let us down! Penco does as they say and is very trust worthy. They have been around for nearly 150 years selling quality steel products. They have been in this warehouse equipment selling game for a while and they have no plans of leaving either. Penco is a nationwide distributor and is ready to satisfy their vendors needs. We buy their shelves, lockers, pallet racks, and many other warehouse equipment they may have.

Why Do I Need Penco Lockers?

The Penco lockers at A Plus Warehouse is here to supply you with any sort of locker use. We have multiple tier box lockers, these are great for those small working spaces when you still need an area to store your items.  You can order these 5 tier lockers 1 column wide, 3 columns, we also have that same situation with a 6 tier locker. This is great for saving space in a warehouse. Employees will still be able to hide away their variables, while the work space will still have room for offices and other furniture. What some places don’t have but we do is the option for your equipment to come assembled or unassembled. Most people choose the assembled version, but there is still a group that will go with the unassembled version, so we like to keep all options available. If you are looking to save space and the multiple tier box lockers aren’t cutting it, you may want to try or wall mounted locker with coat rod. This is a great choice if you are trying to save space and really only need a small box sized spot to store your items. The wall mounted box lockers is a better option in that case. It can be set on a counter or cabinet too, not just wall mounted. 

We are sure you will find what you need in our Penco lockers section and if by chance you don’t give us a call and our sales reps are sure to help you find what you need.


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