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Penco Shelving

A Plus Warehouse sells all different sorts of shelving for our customers. We can categorize our shelving by style, size, or even vendors. Some of our vendor are popular enough to have a separate category. In this case Penco has a separate category on our website for shelving. The reasoning for this is because Penco shelving is a brand of high quality shelving that tends to suit many warehouses. Whether you are searching for rivet or storage shelving, we will have just what you are looking for.


Penco Product was first established in 1869, the main idea behind it was creating the finest metal products. The first product created was the steel culvert pipe. Today this company continues with their high quality metal production however, it is not the only thing they produce and sell. Now they are expanding their horizons and selling other sort of items like lockers, safes, shelving, dispensers and many more. With several years of experience and growth this company will only grow and develop more through the years.

Our Products

Penco Clipper shelving is heavy duty yet so easy to assemble! Penco shelves are assembled in a unique manner that allows expansive capacity while economizing on steel. We have both an open and closed clipper shelving. The open one is a favorite. With this item you can chose to have 5, 6, 7, or 8 shelf units. The posts are 87 inches high ad the dimension can range 36 inches wide and 12 inches deep to 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep!

About Us

A Plus Warehouse is a team of loyal and determined workers. The employees are always gaining experience and finding new creative product to add to the website. Our sales reps are by the phones to help customers find what they need and our marketing branch is constantly adding products to our website or talking to potential vendors. You can trust our company to provide you with excellent service and great material!

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