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Pollard Brothers

Pollard brothers products are made in the U.S.A. They are continuously designing and fabricating steel crafted products for the factory foreman and interior designer alike. At Pollard as well as A Plus Warehouse, product variety is important.

                We very commonly sell pollard work benches. When shopping for work benches, our wide product selection virtually guarantees you will find something you like. Whether you want and electronics bench, a heavy duty bench, or even a customizable bench, we got it! If you are looking for components for your workbench, we got that too! We carry stringers, back and end stops, industrial shelving, risers, and pegboards. We also stock some stools by pollard to order along with your workbench.

Pollard also sells many of our popular locker benches. When ordering a lock from A Plus Warehouse, there is no reason not to also order a locker bench. People using lockers may need to sit down, especially if it’s a gym locker. Our locker benches are made with many different materials including wood, aluminum, and laminate.

                Some popular Pollard products include our locker room storage bench and 12 GA machine tables. The locker room storage bench comes in four different colors including blue, gray, green, and orange. Seat itself comes as standard steel or deluxe wood. This bench makes it easy to place gym bag in handy shelf below. A center leg is added for benches 8 feet and longer. The product also comes with nylon bottom leveling glides for uneven flooring. As mentioned, 12 GA machine table is another popular product. This machine table also comes in blue, gray, green, or red. This product comes mobile or stationary. It is shipped fully assembled. The product is designed with 12 GA trays mounted with 2” edges. It has a total height of 32 ½”. Did you know that pollard also sells industrial lunch tables? Lunch tables are perfect for schools. They are available with hardwood, steel, and plastic laminate tops and seats are available in hardwood and steel. The base is grey for all models.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for everything material handling. We are very thankful to our vendors such as Pollard. Without them, we would not be here. A Plus Warehouse features an easy to navigate website. An easy to use website helps make our service so quick. Customers will love the large variety of products offered at the company. Order Now!


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