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Presto Always in Stock

Presto Lifts is a reliable vendor of ours because they are constantly quality checking and proving proper service to their customers. A unique aspect about this vendor is that they have an AIS program. This stands for always in stock. That means the products are available and ready for immediate shipment in 1 week or less. The products that are always in stock are the widely favored and popular ones. We know how important it can be to get lifting products immediately and because of that we want to give our own customers the option.

Popular Products

The more popular products at Presto Lifts are the ones that are in stock. Some of which include counterweight stackers, manual stackers, battery powered lifts, electric scissor lifts, manual scissor lifts, and more. The most popular items from these categories are sure to be available for immediate shipping. With this program you will be getting durable, high quality, and great valued products. You can trust these products to get the job down in a safe and efficient manner. One of our favorite AIS lifters are the Battery Powered Stackers. This one is small and easy to maneuver. It is perfect for small skids. With a load capacity of up to 2,000 pounds there is not much the product cannot handle. We do not only have this battery powered stacker in stock, there are many other types. Give us a call with specifics and we are sure to find what you need in stock.

Our Company

At A Plus Warehouse we strive to find the best for our own customers. Many customers may need immediate shipping. We do the best we can to find vendors with the quickest lead times. Sometimes we can find a deal as great as this one, and make it well known to our customers. A deal like this we do not keep secret. We keep our customers up to date with our deals, and other knowledge.

About Presto

Presto Lifts have been a vendor of ours for many years now and we plan to continue our teamwork. With over 70 years of creating hydraulic equipment to improve worker safety and productivity, this vendor has out trust. Their products are high quality, and the design and engineer team are well trained. You can trust Presto with your lifting needs. A Plus Warehouse is here to help our customers find all their needs.  


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