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Pucel Enterprises

Pucel has been making quality products in the U.S.A for over 60 years. They are a family owned and operated business and have been since their start.  Most of their products offer 13 standard colors including dark blue, putty, red, white, black, dark brown, grey, light blue, dark green, orange, yellow, vista green, and beige. They are well known for their storage cabinets, workbenches, lockers, shelving, and drum handling equipment.

Lockers are one of the most popular lines at A Plus Warehouse. Lockers offer a dependable way to store valuables. Our lockers are available in many different styles including but not limited to box lockers, tiered lockers, heavy duty lockers, and vented lockers. Tiered lockers are ideal for making the most out of your storage space, heavy duty lockers are perfect for bulky items, vented lockers are great for school locker rooms or for gyms, and box lockers are a great economical choice if you are looking to store smaller items. Pucel’s welded metal box locker ships all welded and ready to use.  They offer a safe way to store personal items such as pocketbooks. Doors include padlock hoop and an attractive chrome handle. These lockers are available with five or six boxes. Metal lockers are a great option for customers looking for an economical solution. They are preferred to plastic in most industries.

A Plus Warehouse looks for ways to save space and maximize efficiency with many of our products.Wall mounted cabinets is another space saving product. It is a great product for customers looking for storage but are short on floor space. Our wall mounted cabinets come in many different styles such as stainless, see through, and locking. Pucel’s wall mounted cabinets are durable and made with heavy duty construction features. This product is thinner than most other wall mounted cabinets. Widths for this product are between 26.5 to 46 inches. Our heavy duty shop desk is another product great for saving time and energy. If you are looking for office efficiency, this is your product. It is equipped with a steel top, double pedestal, and 6 spacious drawers. There is plenty of space on this desk to place a computer and other office equipment.

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