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Roach Conveyor

Roach Conveyor is a well known name in the industry.  Their products are very popular and are well liked  by many of our customers. Roller conveyors are popular at Roach and at A Plus Warehouse. There are many different applications for roller conveyors. They are essential to many warehouse facilities. Our roller conveyors are all very safe and reliable. We offer stainless steel, PVC, and expandable roller conveyors. Learn more about Roach’s selection of roller conveyors today.

The heavy duty roller conveyor comes in many different sizes and with different options such as stands, guard rails, and extra rollers. They have a 3400 pound capacity supported on 10 foot centers and 7500 pounds when supported on 5 ft centers. Rollers are set high, ¼ of an inch above the frame. The product features 2 ½”, 11 GA steel rollers with 11/16” hex spring loaded axles, and 4” formed steel 7 GA channel frame.  Frame width ranges from 7 to 51”. The roller center ranges from 3 to 6 “. The super wide conveyor is similar to this product but wider. They are the widest conveyors available at A Plus Warehouse. It goes up to 61” between frame

Occasionally, belt conveyor users may need to replace their conveyors belts. If you are a customer looking for conveyor belts, we recommend our replacement conveyor belts. We offer two types of conveyor belt from stock and 4 others with just a two week lead time. Lacing is ordered per inch and is not included with the belts, as many customers want to reuse existing lacing. Food grade conveyor belts require stainless lacing.When ordering replacement conveyor belts, order double your cover size plus an additional foot.

Conveyor users often find the need for an A Plus Warehouse Ball Transfer Table Top. These table tops can be used to move boxes and packages in any direction.  They can be used in up to 250 degree environment. The unit load capacity for the unit is 200 pounds. This product is available with two, three, four, or six inch ball spacing.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. We offer a large collection of conveyors including roller conveyors. These conveyors use the assistance of gravity. A Plus Warehouse has a very large product line for our customers to look through. When ordering a conveyor, you may also want to check out our cabinets or material handling equipment!


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