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A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for Safco products.  They provide high quality products with quick shipping times. Their products are designed to make your life easier! Work place comfort has never been easier.  Safco holds itself to strict environmental standards when manufacturing products. Safco products are GREENGUARD certified. The GREENGUARD Certification Program evaluated product emissions and certifies building materials, furnishing, finishes, and cleaning products and process that meet stringent product emissions criteria set by UL Environment. GREENGUARD certified products are leaders in energy and environmental design.

Safco products can be used in the design and organization of all different kinds of spaces including break rooms, collaboration, lobby, personal and shared spaces, outdoor spaces, education, and backroom spaces. Their product lines include office furniture, seating, tables, desks, and storage.  They also feature a line of active products. This encourages standing and activeness throughout the work day. Standing and moving more throughout the day is healthier for your body and prevents injury. Active products includes desks that can adjust from a sitting to standing position, items for leaning and perching, and additional accessories.  The swivel zenergy  seat is a great seat that also promotes free movement and great posture. Ball chairs feature 17 ½” internal exercise ball. The product is also available in different colors including black, black vinyl, blue, green, and orange.

                If you want a flexible office space, we recommend checking out our safco office suites. They provide a way a nice way to clean up your work place. Our office suite with curved front desk is a very nice looking desk that is great for collaborative projects. It adjusts in height from 29 ½” to 47 ¼”. It is designed to keep you moving throughout the day. Desk comes in brown sugar, grey steel, mahogany, mocha, or sea salt. Order your office furniture today.

                Order Safco products today. They are a leader in their industry and design innovative and environmentally safe products. They have everything you need! A Plus Warehouse has been selling Safco products for years. We are your right source right now! Do not hesitate to call us today. Our sales staff is very highly trained and are always helpful in guiding customers to the perfect product to fit their needs. Order Now!


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