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Stackbin Corporation

Stackbin is a great company to work with! They manufacture heavy-duty solutions that increase workplace productivity. Their products are built with high quality materials and the company also offers very quick lead times. They also can create custom products, ask your sales representative for further detail about this. They have been manufacturing bins and other storage equipment right here in the U.S.A since 1931! Our Stackbin product line up includes work benches, racks, and of course stack bins as well as other types of bins.

We like to have a bit of fun here at A Plus Warehouse. We have a selection of work benches on our site named after famous scientists such as the Einstein, Galileo, and Edison packing benches. All of these named work benches are manufactured by Stackbin. Workbenches are offered in various configurations to give customers many options to choose from. It helps them to find a work bench that perfectly fits what they are looking for.

                If you are looking for bin racking, Stackbin is a great choice! Our metal bin rack with medium stackbins takes the very popular stackbin hopper bins and places them in predesigned racks. Product features 12 inch stand and 1,000 pound rack capacity. Product is also available in different colors including gray, blue, beige, black, and green. If you are not interested in the whole rack set up, stackbin hopper bins are also sold separately.

                Product features rugged 18 GA spot welded construction and can handle any weight that can fit into the unit! Of course, these bins are also meant to be stacked. Many sizes are available, from 8” X 4 ½” X 4 ½” to 30” X 18” X 12”.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for ordering stackbin products. Order Now!



Stackbin Corporation

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