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When ordering a Stronghold product, you know you are getting a very durable, safe, and secure product. All products ship fully assembled and ready to use. Customers love their fast shipping times, and high quality products! A Plus Warehouse loves distributing stronghold items to our customers.

Perfect The Way Your Organize

If you are looking to get your work space organized, consider ordering a control the chaos metal cabinet. This is a new and popular Stronghold Cabinet.This product is 12 GA and is made in the U.S.A. It comes in nine different colors including Black, Blue, Brown, Graphite Grey, Light Grey, Red, Tan, White, and Yellow. The cabinets one piece body minimized welds and increases strength. It is built with 8 GA hinges, 7 GA legs, and 12 GA doors. Cabinet includes exterior 3” X 4” interchangeable label, cast handle, magnetic white board, flush bottom, dividers, 3 point locking system, galvanized shelves, and shelf labels. The Bluetooth master lock is also very popular and comes with our best sellers. The Bluetooth Master Lock allows customers to unlock the lock with their phone! We also would recommend stronghold’s stainless steel storage cabinet. Customers love our stainless steel products. These products are great for outdoor use because they do not rust! It also makes for an attractive appearance. Stronghold’s stainless steel storage cabinet can often be scene in restaurants, hospitals, and pharmaceutical applications. This Stronghold cabinet is 12 GA and shelves adjust on 2 inch center. Keyless locks are recommended with this product.

About Stronghold

Since 1965 this company has been handling designing, creating, and distributing handling equipment to companies just like ours. They are reliable, careful, and efficient with all their work. With a main focus in security, Stronghold Manufacturing is sure to provide you with the proper security for the belongings you may store in a Stronghold cabinet. Because the company is well known for their cabinets, we display they Stronghold Cabinet line along with their standard line items. 


A Plus Warehouse offers made industrial grade work benches. You will not be disappointed with our large selection! The supreme workbench contains two lockable compartments for larger storage. This unit includes 16 drawers and each drawer can be locked. It also is an attractive product with a nice maple top to put it all together. Th 12 GA construction will last a lifetime!  Three inch tall legs allow for sweep space and forklift accessibility. There are four sections, each containing four, six inch deep drawers. Each drawer can hold up to 400 pounds. The lock bar keeps items safely hidden. This bench is great for tasks of all kinds including packaging, wood working, and mailing. The standard color for this workbench is grey but is also available in medium grey, steel stone, dark blue, safety yellow, signal red, Buff, Midnight Black, and White. A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now! Whenever ordering products at A Plus Warehouse, customers are guaranteed superior customer service. We do everything we can to assure customers have a positive experience.


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