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Stronghold Cabinets

Stronghold makes the perfect storage cabinets for customers looking for a cabinet that is seriously strong. What is stronger than a stronghold? As you can see in the video above, there is not any cabinet that is quite as strong as a stronghold cabinet!

                Control the Chaos Metal Cabinet is one of Strongholds newer releases. It contains the super strength that customers have grown to love and expect from Stronghold. Workplace organization has never been easier! This cabinet includes 3” X 4” interchangeable label, cast handle, magnetic white board, flush bottom, dividers, 3 point locking system, galvanized shelves, and shelf labels. This is a cabinet that truly comes with anything you might want for organizational purposes. A Bluetooth master locker is also popular and is includes with our best sellers. With a Bluetooth lock, customers can unlock locks with their phones! This cabinet is 12 GA with a shelf capacity of up to 1,900 pounds.

Stronghold also sells have duty cabinets meant to be used in extreme environments. The heavy duty flammable cabinet is a great option for customers looking for the usual strength of a stronghold cabinet while also providing reduction of fire risk. This cabinet meets NFPA code and OSHA standard. Store your flammable paint, liquids, and chemicals in this cabinet. Product features adjustable air vents on each side of the cabinets which allow for cross ventilation. Cabinet also includes removable bottom shelf for easy access. Flammable capacity comes with 30 or 60 gallon capacity.

                If you are interested in outdoor storage cabinets, don’t miss our stronghold outdoor storage cabinet. It features weather resistant qualities and comes with your choice of 12 GA steel, or stainless steel for some extra money. This outdoor stronghold cabinet also includes gasket sealed door frame and rain guard, and a slope top so that precipitation falls off. It is also another classic and strong stronghold 12 GA cabinet.

                You have come to the right place if you are looking for an industrial cabinet that can stand the test of time.  Ordering an industrial cabinet is easy at A Plus Warehouse. We offer a large variety of Stronghold cabinets as well as cabinets in general.  Customers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for! Whether you are looking for a cabinet to store heavy duty tools or small bits we have it! Ask your sales representative for assistance in finding a great cabinet for your business today!

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