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Work Benches

What makes Stronghold workbenches different from other workbenches? Put simply, Stronghold workbenches are among the best in the nation. They offer some very heavy duty industrial workbenches that are made right here in the United States. Stronghold workbenches are all-welded and made from a variety of strong gauge steel. If you need a workbench you can count on, Stronghold is for you! Come check out the offerings available from A Plus Warehouse, your right choice right now!

Choose Your Ideal Strong Hold Workbench

Strong Hold offers a greater variety of work bench options you won’t see in other lines. Although gray is the standard color for Strong Hold products, a multitude of colors are also available. And of course these products are durable, economical, and secure—everything you’d expect from a name like “Strong Hold.”

Strong Hold workbenches with cabinets are a popular model, as they combine all the functionality of Strong Hold’s quality workbenches with the convenient storage of cabinets. Cabinets can come in configurations of full and half-width drawers. We even have a Stronghold storage cabinet model that contains a workbench within the cabinet itself for even more security and storage!

Maple Top Strong Hold workbenches offer you a reliable and beautiful element to your work. Maple tops not only add a smooth, attractive appearance to your workbench but will also provide you with years of lasting use. You can order Maple top Strong Hold work benches with narrow or wide drawers and even with locking casters for better mobility.

We also carry Strong Hold workstations that offer you the ultimate way to get work done. Many of these products combine a mix of cabinets, drawers, pegboards, and assembly trays. These are ideal for auto body shops and repair facilities and other heavy duty industries.

Our basic workbenches by Strong Hold are made from 7 GA steel. These are simple products—no bells and whistles here; you’ll get only the strong support of thousands of pounds of capacity. We offer basic workbenches that can support anywhere from 5500 lbs. to an extra heavy duty version with 12,000 lb. capacity.

Strong Hold Workbenches are Quality, Domestic Products

Strong Hold workbenches are appropriately named, as they are made with quality steel materials. And best of all, they’re made right here in the USA. Many overseas products you order could easily have been made in the United States. You can take comfort knowing that Strong Hold products will stand the test of time.

Browse the selection at A Plus Warehouse to find the perfect Strong Hold workbench product. We’ll help you find the best workbench for your needs at a great, affordable price. Contact us today!

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