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Suncast has been a trusted vendor of ours for years now. With over 25 years of material handling experience, we know that this is the right vendor for our own customers. Great variety, ranging material, and excellent prices, sets this company on the top of our list. Most known for their trash cans and tilt trucks, this company still supplies seating, commercial carts, tables, storage cabinets, and more. Made in the USA Suncast products are available globally, so wherever our customers happen to be, we can provide them with Suncast products. These products are designed, developed, and manufactured to enhance any space for years. With the durability of material and unique detailing we can promise that these items will last a while.  

Not many warehouses can provide you with home furniture, but here at A Plus Warehouse because of our vendors we can. We can supply you with our Resin Lumber Chair. It is designed specially for outdoor use because its material prevents rotting, decay, corrosion, and splintering. It is also moisture and weather resistance. To ensure that the chair stay in its nice color, UV inhibitors are included to avoid color fading. With colors consisting of blue, white, green, or cedar, we want to make sure they stay vibrant and lively. Just like many other products from this company, the chair is easy to assemble. When we can find great product with easy assembly, we always include it because we want what is best and most efficient for our own customers.

One of the more typical Suncast items you could find are the plastic base storage cabinets. Just like many of the other storage cabinets this item is heavy duty construction. It is built to last and hold your items. With shelf capacities of 200 pounds this item has the strength to store your tools and other sort of storage items. Padlocks may not be included however the doors are padlock ready for those who do want a locking mechanism. Once again, this item is also easy to assemble so there should be no strain trying to put it together.

If we didn’t believe that Suncast would benefit our customers then we wouldn’t work with them; however, we know they are a great vendor which is why we choose to work with them. They provide us with the best products that we then provide our own customers with. It is important that our manufacturer creates products that are high quality and reliable, because then that is what the A Plus Warehouse customers get, and they deserve the best.


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