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Tennsco Cabinets

Our Tennsco cabinets are a very popular source for cabinets on our website. Our customers love the cabinets very much, so we always strive to add more Tennsco products in general to our site. A unique part of these Tennsco cabinets is the fact that they are made in the USA by skilled American trades people. Not many items are made in the USA, but these ones are! If you are looking for high quality product you have come to the right website, if you are searching for cabinets you have come to the right page. Not only do well sell cabinets but we sell several other products for example, material handling, hoists, lockers, storage units, and many more.

Why Tennsco?

Here at A Plus Warehouse we know that Tennsco makes products of only the best quality. We have been working with then for over a decade and they have never let us down. When choosing what products to sell you, we know Tennsco has our back, they only sell great conditioned equipment. Similarly to our company, Tennsco has been doing business selling equipment for years and they too are not planning to stop anytime soon. They are loyal and will continue their diligent efforts to supply us with the best quality items, so we can then supply our customers with it.

What is so Special about this Cabinet Line?

These cabinets all come from the same source however they are different from one another. Some are larger, and some are even jumbo sized. With this line we not only have storage cabinets, but also wardrobe and even combination cabinets. You can get several different uses out of these cabinets. Many customers like our combination cabinet because it puts everything together so you can have several different uses with one product. A cabinet that is unique in this page would be our see through metal wardrobe cabinets. Not many other wardrobe cabinets have doors like these. This piece already includes one full width shelf and a clothes rod. When looking at this item you have the standard option and the premium one. The premium version has more sturdy hinges and is made of a heavier duty steel.

About Us

A Plus Warehouse has been a whole sale distributor for over 20 years and we are constantly growing. Our staff has been with us for a while and they are well experienced with this job field. Call us today at 800-209-8798 to find out more about our products. We are always ready to help you find what you need.

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