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Founded in 1950, originally known as Tennessee Mat, two men converted old tires into high quality industrial mats. Having started over 70 years ago and having a smart innovative team, this company has been a first for many different sorts of products. Their creativity did not end with their sustainable tire mats, it has continued through the decades. Throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, this company was creating the world’s first lightweight rubber drainage mat. This led to the companies titled commitment to health and welfare of workers.

From the beginning the Wearwell focus was creating an ergonomic workspace. They were one of the first companies to focus on fitting the workspace to the worker and maximize the health and productivity. With a focus of worker’s comfort, this company has established the idea that a comfortable worker is a more efficient worker. With the creation of this new ideal working zone, other companies tagged along to the idea and began selling similar products such as anti fatigue mats, outdoor mats and more. A company this creative is always coming up with solutions to problems that no one knew existed. Their products are not made by random, they each are made with the purpose to solve specific warehouse and industry problems. For example, the ESD anti fatigue mat filled the need for the microelectronics industry, making this the first company to ever do so.

An anti fatigue mat that can be used in many situations that is a customer favorite at A Plus Warehouse are the Wearwell Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats. This is the idea mat for multi shift operations; it gives ultimate support and comfort for the working body.

This company is known for their great quality, high valued, and economically friendly matting and flooring. They did not come to this point randomly, it took lots of time, teamwork, and job integrity. For over 70 years this team was building their reputation for manufacturing high quality and innovative products that help created safety and efficiency. This company never cuts corners to save money. Their products do what they say they do and are trusting to the description because honesty is important in the industry.


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