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Pliable Polyester Cord Strapping

Pliable Polyester Cord Strapping

  • Features great flexibility with high tension.
  • Easy to use strapping can be hand tied. FOB Shipping Point.
Product No. Size W x LWt. (lbs.)
Str. (lbs.)
No. Rolls
Per Ca.

1-2 Ca.
Price Per Roll
3-4 Ca.

5+ Ca.
Option Qty
H20RF 1/4" x 7800'71White300494.9287.4681.22
H30RF 3/8" x 5200'74White450494.1686.7580.57
H40RF 1/2" x 3900'69White600492.8285.5279.42
H50RF 5/8" x 3000'70White750490.8283.6877.71
H60RF 3/4" x 2100'60White900490.8283.6877.71

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